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Bob Lodi: To the best of my memory, I started cooking as a kid because my mother had a rule: if you did the cooking, you did not have to clean up. So my brother and I started cooking stuff. My father and my grandfather had always done a lot of cooking (not that my mother did not!), so it seemed fairly natural. And it was fun. Plus, I didn’t have to clean up. These days I cook whenever I can, and it’s still fun and relaxing.

Erica Wines: It all started on my 24th birthday when I decided that cooking brunch for 50 people sounded like a good idea. Since then, I’ve come to define my perfect Saturday as one where I spend at least 6 hours in the kitchen and dinner is rarely served before 10 pm. HR professional by day, aspiring chef by night, I am capable of using every dish in the house at least twice while making a grilled cheese sandwich.

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