Breakfast of Champions

Are you ready for some football???

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest annual sporting event in the world, bringing in millions of dollars in advertising, taking the art of talking trash to a whole new level and offering sweet justification for a wide array of artery-clogging goodies not considered fit for consumption on any other day of the year (can you say deep-fried Oreos?).

But on this day, with mere hours left before the kickoff to Super Bowl XLV, I choose to focus not on the game-time menu, but on the meal that will help you make it through the multiple layers of dip, the towering piles of chicken wings and the football-shaped cake. That meal is breakfast.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it helps provide energy for the rest of the day’s activities, eating and drinking included. And just because my beloved New York Football Giants weren’t graced with an invite to Dallas this season, that doesn’t mean that the day doesn’t require a proper foundation. After all, I can still cheer for Green Bay (a nod to the cheese-eating, beer-swilling state of my birth), plus there are all those commercials to watch and re-post to Facebook later.

But before tackling today’s breakfast (tackling — get it? Hee!), let’s all take a trip in the Way Back Machine to another Super Bowl, played in the home of the Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake where the Giants brought the Patriots’ hopes for a 19-0 season to a sudden (and some say astonishing) halt. Ed and I attended that game and I can honestly say that the old guys in the Visa commercials currently airing are absolutely correct when they say there’s nothing like the experience of watching the Super Bowl live.

Aside from the game day memories that will live on in our hearts and on our TiVo forever, one of my fondest non-NFL memories was of the breakfast we had that morning. We were fortunate to secure local lodging with a friend of mine from grade school and his lovely wife who went above and beyond simple hospitality in their treatment of us.

Jeff and Stephanie shared their home, their knowledge of the area and her fabulous recipe for popovers which can be accessed here. Simple to make and capable of serving as either a sweet or savory vehicle for the rest of your meal, these delightful breakfast treats sent me shopping for a popover pan as soon as we made the trek back to New England (following 5 nights in Vegas, but that is a story for another time).

So now that I’ve returned from my trip down memory lane, let me turn to the breakfast at hand. Unlike Bob (the other half of With Fork in Hand), I do not make my own bacon. But the new Oscar Mayer thick cut bacon in the easily resealable package cooks evenly, with little curling…and did I mention the EASILY RESEALABLE PACKAGE? Best idea in bacon since the invention of the pig.

To complement this morning’s allotment of porcine perfection, I scrambled up some eggs, complete with heavy cream, salt, pepper, scallions, thyme, rosemary and sharp white cheddar. And to round out the plate, miniature Idaho golden potatoes, sliced into thin rounds before being cooked with garlic in the fat rendered from the bacon.

Top it all with a bit of paprika and an optional serving of sour cream and/or ketchup, you’ll be ready for for the big game in no time, whether you’re rooting for the Packers, the Steelers or, my personal favorite, the all-star line up of Puppy Bowl VII.

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3 Responses to Breakfast of Champions

  1. jWf says:

    “Best idea in bacon since the invention of the pig” –even at 4.55 a.m., that’s funny, a great line.

    • Erica says:

      Thanks — that was my favorite sentence of the entire piece!

    • Connie Bergen says:

      I really enjoy the tenor and articulation of your writing Erica, you bring the food to life in a way that makes me feel as if this glorious breakfast is in front of me. Your passion for food and cooking shines through with such enthusiasm and energy…I look forward to your posts and although I’ve yet to cook any of the mouth watering recipes, I’m inspired to want too, and I save them for when that day arrives.

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