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Bacon, Baltimore & Boys…albeit Belatedly

So at best, I am remiss. Remiss in cooking the ingredients in my fridge, remiss in plowing through the pile of work on my desk and, most¬†embarrassingly, remiss in my blog activity. The blog has been up and running since … Continue reading

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Grilled Ratatouille

Grilled Ratatouille is easy to make, healthy, and makes a lot. The grilling concentrates the flavors, and you end up with a nice side dish (or meal, if you’re so inclined).¬†And, if you don’t want to “ratatouille” it up, you … Continue reading

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Grill baby, grill.

It’s July. It’s hot. It’s summer. Finally, the snow has stopped, the air is warm, and (while at least two people I can think of offhand will disagree) the weather is great. If you’re like me, you live in an … Continue reading

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