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Blizzards Are for Blogging!

Is there a better activity for a cold snowy afternoon than sitting down with a glass of wine & some new technology (iPad!) to write about festive holiday fare? I think not. Not unless you are also wearing new flannel … Continue reading

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Cocoa Bourbon Balls

These simple to “bake” holiday cookies are also fun to make, and the combination of cocoa, smashing things, and bourbon helps take the edge off other holiday preparations. This recipe came from my wife, who got it from her mother. … Continue reading

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This One’s for the Dogs

Ninety-nine percent of the culinary topics we discuss at WFIH are chosen to appeal to a human audience. But as we approach the season of over-spending, over-eating and generally over-indulging, I’ve chosen to expand this post to a wider audience. … Continue reading

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Fresh produce. Locally grown in New England. In December.

Readers living outside of New England, especially anyone in the South or West, will think “so what!?!” But up north, here, once the ground freezes in Central MA, and the local farm stands close up, we are limited to trucked-in … Continue reading

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The Macaron

No, not the ones with coconut. The ones with just one ‘o’. Made from two small meringue cookies and some sort of rich filling to make a sandwich. That they’ve been making in France since the 1500′s when Catherine de Medici’s … Continue reading

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Where Do You Wine?

Friday. Is there any better word in the professional lexicon? When it’s time to celebrate the end of the work week, where do you stop on your way home? I stop at Hopkinton Wine & Spirits. A mere 5 miles from … Continue reading

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