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Charitable Acts of Ice Cream

For those of you who have read my WFIH bio, you know a few things about me. For those of you who have met me, you know a bit more, including that Ed and I do not have children of … Continue reading

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Local Gems

What’s for dinner tonight? It’s a question we ask every day. And if you are my husband, your daily query comes no later than 10:45 am. Some days, the answer is a lovingly home cooked meal. The next day, the … Continue reading

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Wheeler, Wine & Basketball

What can you say about Wheeler? He is tall, boisterous and opinionated. He doesn’t like it when other people riff on his stories. He makes me laugh until I can’t breathe. He is the person you want at your side … Continue reading

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This One’s for the Dogs

Ninety-nine percent of the culinary topics we discuss at WFIH are chosen to appeal to a human audience. But as we approach the season of over-spending, over-eating and generally over-indulging, I’ve chosen to expand this post to a wider audience. … Continue reading

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Quick Bites v.1

There is one day of work left standing between me and 1) a traditional Thanksgiving feast, 2) a few hands of blackjack, 3) a hot stone massage and 4) a professional football game with tailgating that may or may not involve bacon jam (which may require a post of its own).

But before then, a quick review of food-worthy occasions of the week: Continue reading

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An Introduction

It’s taken just over twelve years to get to this point. Twelve years of shared meals, after-work drinks and inside jokes, the origins of which even we’ve forgotten. But what started over an amazing meal between relative strangers in Atlanta … Continue reading

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