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And at long last…Alinea

40… Forty… XL… Quarante… Vierzig… There are many ways to say the words, “I am turning 40,” and I’m sure there are many more ways to express the emotions that accompany such a birthday. But I have another word to … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

For all intents and purposes, I am a New Englander. My family moved to the great state of Maine when I was 4 years old and with few exceptions, I’ve never left. College in Rhode Island and a resident of … Continue reading

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Ciao Bella

Dear Diary – Long time no see! I apologize for not writing sooner, but things have just been so BUSY that I haven’t had time! What with the whirlwind trip to Vegas that involved 1) the best meal I never … Continue reading

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Local Gems

What’s for dinner tonight? It’s a question we ask every day. And if you are my husband, your daily query comes no later than 10:45 am. Some days, the answer is a lovingly home cooked meal. The next day, the … Continue reading

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Blizzards Are for Blogging!

Is there a better activity for a cold snowy afternoon than sitting down with a glass of wine & some new technology (iPad!) to write about festive holiday fare? I think not. Not unless you are also wearing new flannel … Continue reading

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Fresh produce. Locally grown in New England. In December.

Readers living outside of New England, especially anyone in the South or West, will think “so what!?!” But up north, here, once the ground freezes in Central MA, and the local farm stands close up, we are limited to trucked-in … Continue reading

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Quick Bites v.1

There is one day of work left standing between me and 1) a traditional Thanksgiving feast, 2) a few hands of blackjack, 3) a hot stone massage and 4) a professional football game with tailgating that may or may not involve bacon jam (which may require a post of its own).

But before then, a quick review of food-worthy occasions of the week: Continue reading

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